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I believe every life can be designed to be extraordinary!

Are you a woman small business owner or solopreneur who

  • Wants to build a lifestyle business, not an empire?

  • Wants a 6 figure income without ending up 6 feet under?

Yeah? Me too! And that’s just what I’ve done and I can help you do the same! My mission is to help women entrepreneurs design and grow a business that fits their life, strengths and passions. The results my clients get are a business that is designed to be successful and fulfilling without sacrificing your life and sanity!

Sales and

You’re passionate and great at what you do but as a small business owner or solopreneur you need more than passion – you need clients!  I’ll help you develop strategies and plans to attract and keep the clients that are right for you.

Productivity and

We’ll look at your activity in terms of the 4 pillars of time management - focus, time, energy and tools and develop strategies in these areas to ensure that you get the right things done!


Debi Hartlen MacDonald

t. 902-209-1315

a. 881 Prospect Bay Rd, Prospect Bay, NS, B3T 2A5

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